What Clients Say


Cheryl is the best! I started seeing her when my husband and I wanted to start a family and within a month I was pregnant! Cheryl is a great listener and has truly been there for me throughout these beginning stages of pregnancy. She has answered my panicked emails late at night and I truly feel like she has been my partner throughout this process! I trust Cheryl’s opinion and I can’t imagine going through this process without her. It would definitely benefit anyone to visit Hawthorne acupuncture (and I am extremely picky with health care providers so I mean it!


Cheryl has truly helped our prayers be answered! My wife and I sought out Hawthorne Acupuncture in the end of 2020. We were trying to start our family and quickly realized we needed more than just our own knowledge. Cheryl made us feel welcome, comfortable and at ease, as well as positive and ready to take on fertility. Within two attempts of using her services, we are happy to say we’re pregnant!! I truly feel that Cheryl has the skills, knowledge and patient care that anyone would need/ like to have. I highly recommend Hawthorne Acupuncture for your health care needs!


I was referred to Hawthorne Acupuncture & Integrated Medicine through my chiropractor and I am so glad I gave it a try! Being brand new to acupuncture, I was not sure what to expect, but Cheryl did an amazing job of explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable during sessions. I had been experiencing pinching and sharp pain in my mid-low back for over 2 years before visiting Cheryl, after 10 sessions I am now able to say that I have little to no pain at all. I am able to do all the things I used to love without fear of pain! If you are considering acupuncture, give Cheryl a call; she is quick to respond to emails and phone calls. I will definitely be visiting her in the future for any other acupuncture needs.


Cheryl is an attentive listener who finds the best therapy for each of her patients. She went the extra mile to help me, from spending a lot of time with me and answering a million questions to trying different things to make my pregnancy easier. Not only was she was able to get rid of excruciating nerve pain in my upper thigh, she prepared my body for a successful VBAC! I am forever grateful to her!


I found Hawthorne after trying different methods to alleviate a “knot” behind my shoulder blade. Cheryl walked me through the process and explained what was going to happen. She takes the time to explain everything and is quick to respond to any emails or calls. Cheryl is very professional and has a great sense of humor. Definitely makes you feel comfortable during the procedure. And, my knot is gone!


Hawthorne Acupuncture has by far been the best practice I’ve ever visited! And I’ve been to a lot 🙂 I first met with Cheryl when I was having very low energy after my period was over, one year after giving birth. My husband and I were also hoping to conceive again, and I just felt my body needed more support. Within three months of acupuncture & herbs, my energy was back to normal and we got pregnant with baby #2! Couldn’t recommend Cheryl & Hawthorne enough! She’s my go to now for postpartum & additional women’s health support.


After having acid reflux for eight years straight and trying everything, it’s basically gone thanks to Cheryl! Don’t wait like I did.


I have been seeing Cheryl for almost a year now for infertility. Her kindness and personality absolutely put you at ease and she creates a safe and warm environment! She is the ultimate cheerleader. I can happily say that I am pregnant now after many tears of trying and I am still in shock! Cheryl will always have me as a patient because I am forever grateful! She is truly the best at her job!


I saw Cheryl during my pregnancy journey! I’d absolutely recommend her and her services to anyone about to go through the labor and delivery. She was a huge part in my amazing labor story!